To the Extended Family

To the Extended Family

So I’m not a “good Christian boy”

So what?

Good Christian boys are boring
If the only characteristic
To put in their title is “Christian”

So I don’t pray or kneel
To your God or your Christ
Or your Bible stories

I don’t feel the need
To change for anything
For any other better other than
The better that I want

So what I don’t believe
In the thing you do?
“Faith” doesn’t make
Or break a character
In real life

Nor does belief in a book
Or its words

I’m not God fearing
I don’t have a “faith”

I like my free Sundays
And unregime
And my freedom to be

As the rest of you
Seem to think my girlfriend
Deserves a good Christian boy
Instead of me,
I would and only want the best
For her

And that’s why I’m here,
And that’s why I’m hers

Because I’m a jaunty,
Unconstrained, expressive,
Driven, unrelenting
Young man

Keep disapproving
And gossiping behind
My back

A “good Christian boy”
Would turn pale
On a pedestal
In comparison
To the likes of me

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