For the first bedroom
we will center the
bed on the left wall
and clutter every
surface with prints
of old pop stars
and album covers
and write with
Sharpies on the
headboard some
sweet musings. There
will be a rickety
ceiling fan from the
sixties to slowly
spin beside blinds
that cracked from
pressure with all
the knick-knacks
clustered on a
shelf below a pane.

Our second bedroom
will see the bed
nooking in a
corner in full
view of a TV set.
We’ll put a desk
under the window
and a keyboard
beside that, towards
a vanity and
its mirror which
reflects its
opposite wall, where
a walk-in closet
door is closed, and
we will paint every
wall orange before
putting some posters
up and sticking
stars to the ceiling.

In the third bedroom
we will set the bed
in the center of the
rear wall facing the
door, beneath a
window that was
hidden by a big
velvet skeleton poster.
An entire wall will
be window, and an
entire wall will be
for entertainment.
We will put electronics
on those shelves and
put paintings where
we can, interspersed
with drawings on
paper, thumb-tacked
sparse in contrast to
a messy floor.

The first living room
will have a piano
that can play scrolls,
and there will be
bric-a-brac everywhere.

But the second one
won’t even have a TV,
yet a sectional couch
will sit happy and lazy
beneath an indoor balcony.

And the third living
room will have a
cabinet full of films
and a bay window’s
view of the street.

The first kitchen
will be outdated, and
stocked with soda.

The second will
be sparing, with a
shiny hot water tap.

And the third on
will be small, and
moonlight as a mud room.

All front doors will be closed.

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