It looked like she had been
Doing laundry or putting away
Clothes in the closet.

It would be difficult to tell how
A pillow got underneath her
Any other way.

Below her waist was nude,
And behind her was a muscular
Man, behemoth in comparison.

It’s angled in a way so that
We don’t even know for sure
If that’s what he’s doing.

But we know. We know from
The title of the video. We know
Why he’s nude, thrusting and

Why she’s quietly crying. We know
What we see could or couldn’t
Be seeing is exactly what it is.

In the quick minute and fourteen
Seconds, she barely vocalizes.
She doesn’t struggle, but she

Grips the pillow beneath her.
She looks like she could be
Pleading to the webcam

As she pushes the pillow away
And now grips the carpet. All
We see is her body bouncing.

Fifteen seconds in, and it
Looks like she’s processing.
Breathing deeply to be calm.

Her head droops, and he grips
Her hair and pulls to make
Her look at the camera again.

Thirty seconds in now,
And she sucks in a few
Sharp, wavering breaths.

Forty seconds in
And she strains to look
Behind ever so slightly.

When her head moves
And her body relaxes to meet
Floor, we see where her

Back starts to be a piece
More intimate, here being
Ravaged ever more deeply.

One minute in, and she
Braces herself against the floor
To absorb every depraved wave

Of shock. Then at a minute and
Ten seconds, he slows yet
Continues harder.

The set scene cuts out before
Anything more can be seen.
We’re left to wonder.

To wonder and argue, “Surely
That wasn’t exactly what we
All think it was!”

But we can never know the
Poor girl and the man who
Incurred her. We never can.

The tags for the video say
“Sex, hardcore, slut, ameteur,
Homemade, cute” and “forced”.

Over ninety-four percent
Approval rating, with nine
Commenters arguing below.

It was uploaded by a twenty
Two year old man from
Russia. But he could have

Stolen the video or ripped
It from a website or anything
Of the sort. No way to prove

With his previous uploads if
He even cares about what
He is sharing. Does he know?

Is it some personal archive?
Where did he get this piece
Of a video?

We can never know if she
Was an actress and he and actor,
With a myriad of crew members

In the room opposite.
This is all we have.
We have witnessed

What over four hundred
Thousand viewers have before.
Do you enjoy terror?

Because maybe

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