In a Perfect World

In A Perfect World

Smoking would be banned,
Cars would be electric,
And gardens would be
Planted on the rooftops
Of homes.

Forests and skies and
Green pastures would flourish.
Coral reefs in the
Ocean shallows would be

And the animals we
Use for meat would
Be set free. Money
Wouldn’t just be
All about greed.

Everything would be recyclable,
And everyone would get
Water and it would be
Clean. War for oil
Would be pointless.

There would be no
Entertainment in excess,
And the art we gawk at
Wouldn’t be artless to

No one would be
Accidentally evil.
Celebrities would have
To be intellectuals.
We would see

Other worlds as we
Realize we need more
Space, and reach out.
Nature would be more
Appreciated than megacities.

Civility wouldn’t need
To be fought for.
We would be able to
Make jokes. The
Innocent would be innocent,

And the guilty
Would be guilty.
Healthcare would be free.
Taxes wouldn’t be nearly
As certain as death.

Debates would never
Again see bloodshed,
And we would all be
Responsible to see that
We were all somehow wrong.

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