I don’t even know what
We’re hiding from

Making snow angels
In swaying grass
And catching pollen
In our hands

Don’t want to be aware
It’s fine if we’re lost

Dirt stains palms
And the perfumes
Of cut grass and
Sobbing taproots

Permeate from
Dirtied shirts

It tries and tries
As much as it can
To overpower
Decaying trees

Bark tearing
Away from trunks

Weak, succulent flesh
Revealed when
Calloused skin
Ripped bit by bit away

Parachuting seeds and fruit
Pockmark under branches

Being pushed up by dandelions
And weeds and daisies
With their fuzzy stems
And rough tenacity of strength

Skin and trimmings clump
Sitting atop grass and moss

I weave through parachutes
And the leaves of ruin
None of us take a moment
To stop and listen to each other

I don’t care
About where we are

I don’t think any one of us
Is entirely aware
Of the current
In our continuum

We’ve been called the wind
Before, but no one knows

Exactly what we are
Not even us, unthinking
Breezing through what ever
Can catch us up in it

Like a widest net
We shape shift

When it suits us
We suit up
A new coat or different tie
Cufflinks or shinier shoes

We always look the same
In the air or swimming

Current events
Currents dropping
Currants off of bushes
By our emerging white collars

Strolling in and checking our watches
As we appear from the ocean

Mist follows us
Fog billiows in tow
By the riptide
And pillow throws

Wheat waves to say hello
From beneath broken boughs

Nine to five is in airy session
My intern packed my briefcase
And my boss told me
To show

On this most wonderful holiday
My family and friends surround me

No need to come home
For dinner
It’s with us out here, everyone
Dig in and share the sun and dirt

Loosening tie as time passes
As my boss between clouds flashes

I don’t know where the job site is
Where the blueprints are
Is no matter, if no one is
Stopping to enjoy the weather

Go unlock your briefcase
Go smell the roses

I sat in my office with my
Morning cup of waterfall
And breakfast of bark
With multi-berry topping

Me and my family smile.
My friends, they should be too.

Underneath the falling fruitdrops
And tones of our wind blow
Plucking the leaves gently off
Of their fracturing branches

Tasting the smells of grass
And our breakfasts of currants.

Green shines through the blue
Liquid sky and pink flower petals
Sailing from our desks and files
Starting our nine to five miles

Breathe through the skin
Don’t be afraid to grin

Let it shine through the molecules
Of your pores
As you bore through
Any early morning dew

I don’t even know what we’re
Hiding from. Waiting to be numbed.

What is there to hide from
What is what we aren’t aware
Enjoying breakfast in a case
Rolling out an endless carpet

Of moving air currents
And sweet documents.

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