Night’s Melody

Night’s Melody

Before i met you
Life was dull
Everyone just wanted to pull
Pull me away, away from my goal
I would say, thats fine
Then i would step out of line
People didnt understand
I was a person, not a ham
It seemed back then
People wanted a piece
A piece of that ham

My so-called friends
Wanted to use me
Push the buttons
That im used too
I wouldnt stop
Living for the future
Im in the moment

In the sea of meleancholy
I lost my way
My compass had been dropped
Smashed to bits upon a rock
I would drift
Drift away
Through another
shapeless day

Everything looked the same
Up and down were such a pain
Dont ask me about left or right
They were always out of sight

I was lost at sea
Needed a sanctuary
I was alone
And afraid
In uncharted, territory

Before i met you
I doubted that souls existed
Then we touched for the first time
And ours instantly connected
The feeling was intense
I wanted to rip away
But you held on and said,
Everything will be okay

Theres a difference
Between a scratch
And a crack
A scratch skims the surface
Barely a touch
A crack reaches
Reaches down to the core
And deals some damage
In its wake

It was not as easy as i thought
I would drop in
And just say hi
Now i find it difficult
Saying goodbye
Telling me, to watch the skies

An angel from said sky
Came down and asked me why
Why was I so satisfied
With my lonely way of life
She took me with her
Back to the sky

For the first time
I was in Rapture
I felt like the richest
Man alive
You were the best thing ever
And you were the only
One of a kind

The moon couldnt compare
To the colors you dont share
The moon is but black and white
While you are everything
and more

You were there when I was not
Made me feel at home a lot
The times we had were the best
It was my first non-hate-fest

Then you left
You warned me you would
Now im left
On needles filled with hope
They wont last me
Last me a while
Until im rendered

The impact was too great
It had caused a massive quake
Like being hit with a comet
With a beautiful melody
Trailing behind it

Since i heard that tune
Ive been listening to it
on my zune
It sounds like lightning
Striking the earth
Maybe ive been listening a little
A little too much

My emotions are ascew
Being tended to
By a crew
A one man army
Being cruel
I used to think
That it was cool

Your aura has long been gone
But what we had is now a song
The melody I sing day to day
Is definately worth crying over
By the way

The hole in my heart,
Cannot be replaced,
Because your face
Will keep its place
No one else
Can make that claim
If thats bad
Then thats a shame

It feels like simple science
Two things are attracted
If im right
You paid attention during physics
Studied up, on all the quizzes
But i know
Thats not my buisiness

I look at the Moon
And maybe think
You are too
If I were there
What would I do
I would spend every moment
With you

Even on the coldest night
I wouldnt put up
The slightest fight
I would sink into the light
Let it wrap me within its might

In this world, you are the one
When you left
It was not just a shove
More like a bullet,
Made for love
the wounds Were deep
And there are no
No drugs for love

I feel like im bleeding
Feeling the feeling
Being ripped away
With no vaccine to cure this
Try and lead me,
toward the day
When I can show you
Show you my way

The vaccine for me
Is for you to be
Right here, right now
My hope is nearly gone
I swear I would have asked you
To go to prom

I lay awake at night
Trying to find a light
The light at the end
Of this tunnel
This tunnel seems
To go on forever
Making it impossible
To keep on going
Through the night
I have to do it
Do it right

All My friends tell me
That I should move on
Forget about just who you are
But I cant do that so easy
I love you too much
And thats a fact,
but I know
you already knew that

I can hear the morning birds now
Singing the melody I did long ago
Maybe now it’s time to awake
But i dont think I went to sleep

Nostalgia’s never gone
It seems like you are always on
Watching me from tomarrow
As I drag on in sorrow

Nothing can come close
to you and I
Im watching others
Come and try
What we had was special
Nobody else can fulfill
What you were to me
No one can
No one ever will

You are my Night’s Melody
Greater than Da Vinci’s art
A winged angel, just for me
The fire buring, in my heart

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