Your All

Your All

I like your
(Blond) hair.
I like your
(Delectable) lips.
I like your ears.
(And piercings
With unique
Gauge earrings).

I like your nose,
And pecking it
With kisses.
I like your eyes
(Bright pupils
And irises),
And staring into them.

I like your cheeks.
I like your forehead.
I like your chin,
And your lips
(Those wonderful lips).

I love your neck
(And muscles as they tense).

Feeling your shoulders,
And your arms,
And holding your hands
(Your nails and fingertips).

I love your chest
(And your breasts),
To your belly and your waist.

I like your
Hips and your thighs
(And your butt).
I like your shoulders,
And your spine (I trace).
I like your knees,
Your calves, and your feet
(With every little toe, too).

I like your clothes
(Every loose tank top
And comfy sweatpants),
And your coats and hats
With your rubber bracelets
(Silver rings)
And shiny necklaces.

I like the
Acrylic (polish) you put
On your fingers and toes.

I like your voice (and
The noises you make)
All the time. You have me
With your candence whenever
You talk and whisper.

I like your eyelashes,
(And how sometimes they might
Be made up thick).

I love your boots (and socks)
And your shoes and flared
(Tight) jeans.

I like your body
(Firm, but pillowy
Soft, shapely, easy to
Rest on while you lay
On your stomach or back)
To the crest
Of (intimate) hints,
S-curves to a
Form statuesque.

I love holding your all
(And you know I do)
Whenever I can, (when you
Can come home to me).

I love to be with you
(And soothe you) and know
That you trust me (with
Your everything).

Anything, (everything)
There’s nothing that is
Too much a thing that
I won’t do it for you.

Even all the implicit things
(Even in between parenthesis).

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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