Spilling from
Bright tubes
Against a
Blacklight sky:

Abrasive greens
And pinks,
Loud purples
And blues.

Hospitals, office buildings,
And highrises soaked
In bleach before bathed
With coils of dystopia rays.

Hemisphere windows,
Uncanny architecture
By sharp edges
And sheen curves

Cultures forming,
Spreading like roots
And splitting
Like lightning

In a dish
Or a dome
Or above surface.

Forming up granite stacks
Cut geometric to shape
And nestled tightly
Between one another

Towering above streetlights
And wide, winding roads
That wrap around
And through the colors.

It was built in a day
Amid harsh weather
In a barren reach,
Now it is as tall as can be

In a salt flat valley.
Unceremoniously interrupting
Arid and cracked meadows
Of soft, sandy minerals.

Risen suddenly.
Stood defiantly.

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