Waves of epiphany wash
Over shores every day
Perpetual epitome
Waking up to hope
Sands don’t wake up from blue

Rain doesn’t show it all
Letters and phrases
By arc pulp paper
Don’t stand to trial
Of ocean current miles

Taking under
The riptide waves
Crashing against tide pools
And withdrawing back again

Not merciful to the ships
Caught in undertow
Where they drift aimless
On an ocean seeking
To see their ends

Clearing way
Cleaning the sea
Crashing the boats onto
Coastlines begging to be
Cleaned of debris

In coral reefs and limestone caves
Oceans swirl
Take shape
And precipitate

Hurricaning on the water’s surface
No better place to be
But to be caught in the torrents
Of these hand-holding
Wonderfully warm moments

Every drop of ocean
And no drop feels
For this condensation
Entirely responsible

Sweating with their work
In massive swells
Crashing down
Rising and falling
In the ocean drowned

Holding hands to meet the beach
Separated at birth
And at last they will meet
Carrying with them by forces
Hundreds of timber ship corpses

Green water so gorgeous
Blue spiraling galaxies
Dredging up water from
The great crevices
And mixing with warm abysses

Entropic in nature
Yet somehow the droplets’
Individual stature
Will always find the shore
To write many new chapters

Aerosol spray as punctuation
There to stay for a moment
Clasped hands with the sands
Until the tide pulls the pages
And their pencils away

Back to the sea
Just for a moment to be
Able to catch their breath
Collective individually
Preparing to pull ships again

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