Cold fingertips
On a spine
Stretching after waking
Pleasant soreness
All day

Looking in a mirror
Seeing the smudges
Knowing where
They came from
The day before

Your touch
So intoxicating
Perfectly comforting
And nothing I will
Ever shy away from

Something lovely
Borne so lucky
Under a shirt
Over a band
Peppered with lip prints

Adding to
Surreality of mutuality
Would never have
Believed a year ago
I would be on these sheets

Never did I think
A seed would bloom
Into a sapling
And tenderly glance
My aching back

Every new moment
Is a snapshot in
A scrapbook
I must fill with good memories
And you’ll be in every image

I don’t like jumping ahead
To conclusions or speculating
But the coming life
Seems positively

Hair sticking
To our lips
When we lock
Eyes and then
Kiss so much

With every curve of your body
Prone on the bed beside
I think now of the sheets
That were never before
On my mind

A pile of clothes in your room
Sitting on a chair
With your pink letterman’s
And my jacket
Laying atop it all

A modest amount
Of makeup you put on
Before I set out
This morning to drive
Here slightly smeared

Smudged by your eyes
And a little on your cheek
Covering the things
I tentatively yet
Ravenously exposed

Irreplaceable, the place
All I knew up until now
Altering what I believed
As anything realistically

As you glance
With those fingertips
The sweet spot on
My back you proudly found
All by yourself

I recoil and look at
Our jackets on top
Of each other on your chair
In your room In a house
I would have never before known

In a time before when
We missed those connections
Now I’ve found myself here
In disbelief
At this surreal place

Happily at your beckon
Happily here and yours
There’s no more direct
Way to say that I won’t
Have enough of
Misaligned stanzas
Or clichéd stars
From hours to years
I won’t ever have
Of being yours

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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