Claws of Amethyst

Claws of Amethyst

Train screech stops
On subway tracks
Recursive lines
Drawn and defined

Placid passing
Halted on railing
Charcoal ties
In mouths like sighs

Station stopped
Third rail melts
Amethyst shines
From four bright lines

Claw marks
In a back
Show off
Lucid tearing

A thin foundation
With scaffolding
Ascending around

Rate of recoil
Bleach bubbles
Special snowflake
Pieced puzzles

Small windows
And bone girders
Standing a shape
Of massive ardour

Color comes back to
An aspect of glass
Flushed now after
High land stance

A manufactured
A tallest summit
With high snowcap

Brisk glaze of equinox
Coming of age
These solar shots
That medicate

Harsh comfort
Windswept slopes
Fierce pink aurora
Reflecting an abyss

Of rocks and frosted
Dead trees
Terraced sheer down
Dry arc eye cliffs

Seeking to ensnare
Any creature
Who would dare
To come near

Sightly in its
In sundown
Or sun coming

Tall, awe-inspiring
And far in the distance
Synchronized stripes
Of least resistance

Point to a land above
As nine thousand steps
Lead wandering creatures
To the kind alpine reaper

Waiting in the higher planes
Overseen by the overseer
Traps and pitfalls lay
In a mountain notch valley

Amethyst stripes
Clawed into its scaffolds
Ripped red and passionate
Where traps were unravelled

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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