Islands in an ocean
Glaciers of an ice age
Cherry trees old and tall
Thick at the trunk
Splayed webs of a willow

Hybrid branch networks
Reaching up to the air
Knots and twisting
Structures in the bark
All wooden flesh

Frozen to its island
A lonely tree
Marooned to be
Separated from
All the other islands

But from the coast
As far as can see
Other islands
Dot the many
Relative horizons

With the cold waves
Carrying white blossoms
Which float from island
To island in streams of
Ambiguously origined leaves

Rivers in a river
Currents pulling currants
From frozen snowy shrubs
All stiff in the wind
And sub-arctic burnt

Only these little messages
Correspondences from one
To another island
These distant friends who
Stand frozen

Twigs of a bloom
Fruit of a flower
Stripes of bark
Up and down the
Blueshifted lengths

These complex twisting
Frozen cherry trees
Monolitic in size
Forests of individual
Trees dotting the distants

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