Burger and Fries

Burger and Fries

Nothing was worth this
Free meal
Nothing at the time
Would kill a zeal
Swelling up
To crash on the beachhead
Swelling up
Falcons in the distance

From a diner booth seat
It wasn’t seen
No pickles and mustard
Could hide fading luster
With the waves
Tide pool craves
Diner booth seat leather
Drive-in was seized

By the wave of Mustangs
And black Stingrays
Backgrounded sounds
To a sea of soda and plastic
Sesame seed buns
Aluminum foil french fries
Wrap a pair of comfortably
Greasy and thick sandwiches

Under clouds gone nuclear
Driving Mavericks and Datsuns
Outracing blast radio waves
Listening to Beatles on the stereo
Potatoes fried in those traps
Sliced and cut to set in stacks
Were exchanged for monetary
Consumed by unaware and unwary

People in irradiated houses
Reels and records still playing
Working at an ice cream shop
In rapidly expanding suburb blocks
At the strip mall multiplying
Faster than radiation ripple shock
Increasing in atomic intensity

Burger and fries for one, please.

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