Temporized Uprise

Temporized Uprise

Never soon enough
Or close to hand.
No symphony to serenade
Or group together to band

In an empty theater auditorium
Together, strung and rigged
Together, where time and time
Again they performed and played.

Just a misplaced orchestra
In their pit
Below the stage,
Which under they have aged.

Broken strings and
Bashed-in brass
Accompany a snapped baton
Conducted by a man of ninety-one.

In the capital city,
The jewel of serendipity,
Were the loud happy sounds
Of a festival brigade.

Centralized to the empire,
Followed by a parade,
The ruler’s art inspired
Hangs on flying elevators

As broadcasted to the subjects
That the art they made
And pained and grieved for
Would never be unappreciated.

Waterfalling music notes
Cascade and dissipate
Into mist and vapors
Spelled ‘royal’ by skyscraper,

On chariots pulled by aurochs
Down the street all day on byways,
Never falling or failing,
To carry monarch letters for mailing.

They wore rugs and gold chains,
Were decorated and reined
Massive horns leading beasts forth
Wearing the coats of past thanes.

Tunes cascade from hired bards.
Elder orchestral artists
Follow the chariot
To see evil spirits defeated by wards

With runes on their feet,
Glowing to the band’s lead.
Stepping in rhythm
To a brilliant anthem.

Revered and respected,
The ruler is revealed
As the men stop
For their ruler to walk.

All would be allowed to know her
And properly revere her
As she joins the masquerade,
To the center of the bright parade.

Fireworks burst to hail her
Dress, peacock feathered express,
And a black mask against her face
Sewed with care and finely laced.

More ornate than all around her,
But no one is jealous
And no one cries foul
At how it might be unfair.

It’s no contest, they know
Whomever wants to
Will surely

Their face in the crowd proudly,
To shun mask and declare loudly
What no one could’ve summoned
Without a kind of rare diamond.

Maybe itself was,
Such a rarity
To show face
And declare clearly.

As the band quieted until
Only the fireworks could be
Heard above the birds
Who stopped to watch,

As a circle forms in the crowd.
A sea of onlookers parted
To see if it would wrack.
And a diamond said loudly,

Stepping up from the grey faces,
Chest falsely puffed,
To ignore all the nervousness,
“For this, I’ve come back.”

Its unsure stance hidden. Beneath
Her mask, her unwavering lips and
Sharp eyes fire silver bullets
Through to the diamond’s guise.

It stood unphased glass encased,
Refracted behind it in prisims,
A painted crowd confused and shocked
At gemstone’s blunted aphorisms.

Yet under her regent’s mask was a smile,
Implying the wait was a while
For a bijou like this to appear
And approach her majesty without fear.

The people stopped in saturation
Eager to see what might happen.
In limbo they spectated,
Waiting for parade’s continuation.

As the band waned and bursts
Of fireworks in the sky, hanged,
A stone with its confidence
Forced an opening of crowd oxalis.

Flashes dusted above in those
Precious seconds of liberticide,
Sow super hot particles, fallen
To glass masks and vitrify.

But her majesty’s mask cracked,
Articulating wishes of a queen,
An ardent wellspring, saying
“Waiting for you is where I’ve been.”

She can see its
Face flush
And its
Goosebumps blush,

Most gorgeous thing
Among the grey.
Such vibrancy
For strings to sway.

She looks on,
Only eyes visible.
Seeing the sentence
Dust settle.

Most caring creature.
Most delightful darer.
No more fear.
No anxiety here.

Just a flood
Of beautiful buds
Bred by marrow
In bountiful fallows.

So many things
Quieted to say the words
That they both found
Themselves saying.

So many songs and symphonies
That the diamond and regent
Had remembered they’d listened to

Now faded with the crowd.
Pyrotechnics overhead shelling
Victories and celebrations the parade
Itself was held and made for.

Spiders following crossettes,
Fish, and bursting palms
Casting shade from the two figures
Drawing out dark silhouettes

Blacker than the others around.
Words exchanged plenty only
In eye contact and body language
Never discounted or disparaged.

What more was there to say?
Now that the guise was thrown away
And the diamond stood exposed, thinking
What flood from cracked dams might unfold.

Steps pulled the two together.
This approaching jewel
Was one missing from her
Coronation ceremony.

What would she do?
They both wondered as the distance
Closed. What floored arms would
Receive the unpolished suitor?

Her regent’s dress flowed
As the gravity became stronger.
There could be no more
Patience any longer.

No more waiting.
No more daydreaming
From her castle in the clouds
Watching high above grey crowds.

Seconds passed once again,
And steps were taken on the cobblestone
Streets far below the castle towers
While the minutes blended into hours.

Revelers around went about their way
And the band resumed to play,
Accompanied by the pulse in each
Their chests, beating to the regent’s anthem.

And then there were those two
In their own little world.
Enraptured now in somewhere else
As reality uncurled.

Before they even touched,
Their language knew enough
To not be afraid that
Either of them would be swayed.

So who could say at that festivity
Where again they might be seen.
The diamond and the regent
Have not been seen apart since.

Saying, “For this, I’ve come back.”
“Waiting for you is where I’ve been.”
“I’ll make it up to our soundtrack.”
“All we must do is move with the wind.”

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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