Tincture Recall

Tincture Recall

Red are garden roses
Danger, life,
Rejected questions
Darker as crystalline rubies
Lighter as heat is rife
Paler as dawn is moody

Blue is the sky
Water, winter
Sad tears
Darker as the night time
Lighter as ribbons glitter
Paler as a tarnished dime

Yellow is that sun
Daisy, lightning
Quilt designs
Darker as olive branches
Lighter as a lemon ripening
Paler as near blanch

Green is all moss
Leaves, grass
Lake algae
Darker as a pine’s needles
Lighter as stained glass
Paler as japanese beetles

Orange are the sparks
Warmth, fire
Fruit tree
Darker as a falling leaf
Lighter as copper wire
Paler as a thin motif

Purple are floating lilacs
Violets, robes
Exotic spices
Darker as a flowing cape
Lighter as ancient globes
Paler as wax stamp’s shape

Brown is the dirt
Bark, roots
Natural things’
Darker as a leather sling
Lighter as coffee juice
Paler as an oak’s rings

Silver are earth minerals
Platinum, diamonds
Repeated ore
Darker as a geode core
Lighter as deep iron mining
Paler as a sediment store

Gold are the rarities
Jewelry, idols
Boasting worth
Darker as a karat brand
Lighter as twilight idyll
Paler as a marriage band

Black is the dark
Shade, space
Indefinable esoteric
Darker as a void’s sailcloth
Lighter as an ebony trace
Paler as a cinder swath

White is the pure
Quartz, clean
Most attractive
Darker as ground sugar
Lighter as a cloud screen
Paler as an endless vigor

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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