Persona Non Grata

Persona Non Grata

What essence does stardust hide
When confidence yet not confide in
To the gazers on heavenly Earth,
A brazen, rash display of disturbed

A broken quadtet on paper music
All the meaning flows on through it
Listeners all around from the Earth
Speak to touch the notes on knew it

Whence majesty is hidden away,
Embers of fires from yesterday,
The cold people from the Earth
Wondering what disastrous event has come first

Eyes see shattered glass in the midst of their destruction
Legs crumble under every obstruction
Will is sheared as a sheep for wool
And naked fear stands in the way of a shell

What presence, what merit has a night to claim
When the moon is away from her domain?
No music, no fire can bring back a life
For will of the tyrant is the shell’s own mason

Dishonored, the people blame
The moon’s absence for their own shame
Silly to think a mortal mind could offend
A goddess who’s trifles are saved for no men

With moon engaged, and sun gone
The people look skyward to the stars that shone on
Night will remain as spectacular as before
Only missing the jewel of a day’s hard work

When busy, my moon, think not of the people,
Your worries, your troubles, are far more dear
The people will wait, and the night will remain awesome,
The stars will shine on, but will always wait for you

Thine might and right will carry on
Looking into the night every chance he can get
For however enblazed the stars are
Nothing will stand to the goddess, and that right

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