Dropout Factory

Dropout Factory

As a student in America,
It is your job to do all of the,
Thinking, victimizing, chores,
Writing, oppresseeing, and impressing

At no point shall you swear,
Joke, or share mature humor,
No one likes a rat who,
Tries the most to escape,

Ethical bounds and moral sounds
Tell the good student to obey
Do what it is we tell you to
And think not of practicali-tay

We’ll place the blame, put you to shame
Toss your gadgets down the drain
If whatever you think and whatever you say
Is too mature for appropriate conveying

We pride ourselves on rules
No jerks, no slackers, no fools
We punish the slag, dish the reprimand
And fuck with heads for amusement

What’s that you say?
Something, a word,
Not meant to be spoken, yet included
In current grammatical and accepatble
Interpretations of the English language?

Put him down!
Make him eat all the soap!
Wash this meiser’s mouth
Of the impurities spoken before it!

Don’t let him think, or calculate,
Make him eat the protien bars
Force him to drink the serum of truth
Jokers we’ll not have, in the world of adult man

Now where was I? Oh, right then.

We invented words for their impact,
And now you’ll not be understanding that
You clearly don’t know how to use them
Clearly we do because we’ve incepted it

Those jokes you tell your friends,
About blacks, gays, and has-beens
Have no place in our brave new world
We strive to distance them from normal

Separation of church and state?
How about the guy you fired for being gay?
Those implications have no meaning,
Listen to the media, and here’s something for eating

Drink redbull, listen to the radio, and drool
Let us brainwash you into thinking you’re cool
The ones who might slip away will one day
All be de-a-d

When I’m aged and fat and old, not a single ounce of me bold,
The authority whom told me to do as I’m told would’ve
Nursed the brazen out of me.

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