Nobility and Peasantry

Nobility and Peasantry

Two men are sat on a bench
One of them a noble, the other a pauper
The noble says to the pauper, “Looks like rain eh, peasant?” Noticing the clouds.
The pauper says nothing
Small droplets start to fall, embossing the noble’s suit within minutes
As the storm gets heavier, the two men refuse to move
To miss their appointments would mean loss of income
The pauper is none too concerned with his wet clothes,
While the noble is upset about his wet suit
The pauper stands, and a chariot arrives
Exclaims the noble “How’ve you got a stagecoach?”
The pauper replies simply with: “Go fuck yourself”
Out-stretching his middle finger as he flails his clothing off, stepping into the vehicle

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