An Old Legend

An Old Legend

One day, they will say
The prince arrived in a new land
And for months, they will say
He lived through every shapeless day
Not a foe engaged, nor a reason was made.
His mind was made,
That here he would stay
As the weeks wore on
And winter turned to spring,
The days lost interest
And the birds stopped chirping
The rivers stopped rushing
And the rain stopped pouring
A goddess, they will say
Found him among the land
A note, they will say
That passed hand to hand
Found the prince, one fateful day
Then, he was away
The goddess, they will say
Appeared to him in a dream
A dream, they will say
That made him love again
A love he never knew,
And a love he sought to learn
The prince had only heard
Of the goddess who watched him
She was a myth, a shadow
Almost as quiet, yet timid as he
She knew more of him,
Than he of she
The goddess who broke silence,
Broke it for the prince
And the prince, they will say
Broke his for her, too
They talked all day, and into the night
Removing his days, which were blight
He found for her the stars
And she found for him his wings
The wings, they will say
That let them finally touch
A touch, they will say,
That expressed serenity
When he passed, she didn’t cry
For the goddess let him live with her
Among the stars, he stayed
Able to be with her every day
Never a reason, never known
Would ever make him leave home.
Our own legend, passed along
A prince and a goddess, they will say
Fell in love, one fateful day
Defying the past and rippling time
Making a niche, in a simple line
A model to all mankind,
The prince and the goddess,
Never fought, never lied
And they live on today,
Forging a future,
For those that come next.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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