Not My Doll

Not My Doll

It’s a
Great way to spend a day with a lovely soul I do say!
I know I, always enjoy myself, having an adventure!
Such a life I have makes, everything else look like a pointless venture!

My pretty little actress,
Commander of the stage
The taker of attention,
And her voice that conveys,

Her character’s lines flawlessly
Her outfits shining lusterly
Her smile gleaming brilliantly,
And her eyes bursting with absolute excellence!

With her look, I swoon,
With her amazingness I flutter,
As if my heart’s made of butter
Melting down into a puddle!

And when she walks out, and trots out,
Wearing a dress that flows behind her,
And sometimes a vest with a matching hat and dress shirt,
My heart reaches speeds I thought I couldn’t believe!

But I’d be a fool, yes, indeed,
To not be in love with her, it seems.

When the lights drop, my heart stops,
And you sing those lovely tunes,
I always think to myself,
I’d be lost without you.

My eyes never stray,
No, they won’t behave!
They’re always drawn to her,
And I can’t keep ’em off of her!

It dawns on me, every time I see,
My love up and acting on stage
That there’s no where else I’d rather be!
It’s a shock to my core, to watch her perform,
The greatest thing I’d never dreamed,
To know and love that actress up on stage!

And when it’s time to go home,
Time to lay down and rest,
The thought of her never leaves my mind,
For her happiness brings me peace of mind.

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