You beautiful,
Perplexing creature,

Stare all you want.

You’ve been looking
For so long, haven’t you?

I can tell what you’re thinking
As you survey vertical horizons.

I can feel you tick tick
Tock as you approach and

Feel out with your fingers
Like little zealot caterpillars

Down and around
My s-curve trail

Where inches upon inches
Of paths crosshatch

And trickle down into
Lightly flowing waterfall slopes.

Come feel the peaks and valleys
Of the beacons on me.

Venture and explore
Wherever you wish.

The land is yours
To pioneer

And be aware
That I want you here.

No one else grazes my chest,
Or catches the water.

Trace my spine warmly.
Climb its bumps one by one

As they multiply
Across my world.

Scout and climb
The taut summits.

Play my
Six strings.

Unwrap the monarch
And have it soar

Above the queenly manor
Slowly, in its delicate manner.

Let it fly away, and
Let it take you with.

Keep taking tips on its
Swirling slender grooves.

Let them entrance you
And make you lose your way

So that I may find you
Wherever I happen to.

I wouldn’t dare lead you away
Now that you’re this deep in me.

Wind blows, and pressure drifts.

Take care of my leaves
That stand stiff on twigs.

Sighs are stifled by
The melting cocoon.

Kiss my branded butterfly
To convince my chrysalis

Into blooming wide
Once more.

My milk-blushed celestial body
Beckons your reach and touch.

Close your eyes and
Be muffled by thighs.

Hear this royal rhapsody
Spiraling from my galaxy.

Taste a butterfly as it flutters
And gently shudders for you.

There is so much more
Left to discover here,

Oh softly

Just open your eyes.
Open your eyes.

Please don’t leave this
Tender place blind.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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