Withdrawl Pangs

Withdrawl Pangs

My heart is pained when you’re not near
All the time, I find myself thinking of you
And I no longer have anything to fear
For a future with you, is one I will love

I can’t go back, to a life lacking you
The times we’ve had are my centrifuge
Memories of yesterdays, are running my mind through
It’s a miracle I can still… think.

I can’t take, not seeing your face
It’s just the most wonderful, and brightest thing
Not seeing it is something I won’t chase
It would be a curse, I couldn’t bear.

You are a gift to the world
Yet only addressed to me
You’re the greatest kind of girl
I could never dream of.

You introduced me to a future
I couldn’t imagine myself
Not being there to see it
The best part about it, is you being the light at the end.

To you, my darling
The exquisite, awesome,
Fun-loving, uniquely cultured,
Breathtaking, enveloping,
Warm and caring, there and waiting

The ebony of night I compare to thee
The beautiful wonder I can get lost in
The many stars you hold onto
Outmatch those of our galaxy

Other worlds are ashamed to lack
The grand pin on Earth you tacked
Younger than the Universe itself
Yet already breathing life and love

My fair one said to me
We’ll converse after our passing
Into new times and places
Our souls are not to be misplaced

Life and Death were afraid to speak
No one desired to interrupt
That which was as clear as crystal
Our love for each other is untouched

Every step of the way,
We’re armed with many suns
To light the beautiful ebony
And replace it with us, just for fun

Now we wander with one another
Among the stars we’ve gathered
Holding the keys to many doors,
Turning the locks we adore.

The paths have crossed
And our hearts have spoken
An eternity with you, my love
Is something that time needs to see.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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