Old Blood

Old Blood

The fear never goes away.
Shockwaves ripple,
And atoms split,
Reminding you every day.

The manic paranoia and
Festering afterthoughts
With their aftershocks
Never cease to meet your head.

Things strike out at you
From the thick woods
With spear-tipped tendrils
That seek to end upliftings.

They will pierce deeply.
They will sever limbs.
Sometimes even,
They may snap a spine.

But retaliate. Oh, retaliate.
Ignite an unending fury
To strike back at the shadowy
Assassins in the trees.

They follow you and torment,
So offer no recompense
As you set upon them
The harm they did to you.

Let them feel every stab and blister
They enacted upon you
By the order of wills
Higher than your own.

Sling blades at the dark
And hope to cut their shade.
Do not allow your attackers
To remain safe from day.

Reveal the sinister forces.
Reveal them, and crush them.
There is no mercy for those
Who hide among the cowardly.

So loud you can’t hear the screams.
Overwhelming cracking bones
Breaking apart the will
Of your enemies.

No holds to be barred,
Ignore the splattering.
Disregard the pain and
Focus on culling.

Blood seeps from every gash,
Muscles tear,
Lips split,
Clots fail to mend it all.

Spewing teeth out.
Breaking the vicious
Who would seek to do
Any harm.

Crush it.
Crush them.
Hurt them.
Obliterate them.

Use your skull to smash theirs.
Use your knuckles and split them.
Crack the shell and drain them.
Drown out their desperate screams.

The stabbing of something jagged,
Of blood to leech,
Tearing through a jaw
Made of something weak.

Let it saw deep.
Let the wound seep.
Let psychosis take control.
Let the old blood flow.

Crush the enemy.
Kill the pain.
Smite the fragility.
Recover your name.

Care not for the old blood dripping
To the sound of the throats ripping.
Wear it as a mask as you continue to Run would-be assassins through.

The fear is now gone.
The fury is here.
Mania has overseen the defenses
And actionings of your hands.

Fear is gone.
Fury is here.
There’s nothing to be afraid of,
As their marrow splits like trees.

Teach your killers that there are
Things in this world
Kept secret
For a reason.

Teach your killers
That you knew
What it was like to be
Fleshy and soft like them, once.

Let the spear saw deep.
Let the tearing wound seep
Let psychosis fury take control.
Force the old blood to again flow.

Abate the thoughts of morality
Or ethics.
Spare for these scum no expense
And campaign to see their end.

Fabian strategy,
Scorched earth policy,
And the strength of an iron back
Support your full force forwards.

Surrounded you may be,
But the enemy cannot see
That the opportunity has arrived
To massacre everything.

A trail of broken and bruised bodies
Follows every foot fall
While the hitmen are slain
In unceremonious ways.

Arms are torn off. Teeth removed.
Shins and knees jackknifed out.
Old-bloodied clothes, useless gear
Lay spread about your presence.

Continue to cull.
Ignore the pain.
Kill them all.
Stake your claim.

Let the fist crush fools.
Let the kicks break bones.
Make the skin and skulls split.
All weight behind every hit.

Resist. Resist.
Resist the resistance.
Put down the weak rebellion
Against your might and power.

Relent. Relent.
Relent not with your carnage.
They would see no mercy,
So why on earth should you?

They began the siege on you,
They first whipped their lashes.
They all made the first move,
Now ensure that it’s their last.

Hurt them.
Break them.
Kill them.
Take them.

Tank the pain.
Absorb the blades.
Catch the strikes.
Ignore them and fight.

Let their sullied spears saw deep,
Let torn wounds from them seep.
Make psychosis take control,
Push the old blood to endlessly flow.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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