It was October when
I first remembered
Seeing you

It began with sugar
Powdered, of course
The threatening snow

There began a note
Of a sweetest fruit
The strawberry

With the red threads
That brushed the air
Scattering particles

When again I remember you
You left a trail of things boiled
And cornucopias of rich oil

The oil
That oil
Spread in the fog

Freezing things like snow does
Second thoughts

Heavy freezing droplets
Catching and coating
The terrain within the fog

Melting points decreased
To freeze
And sublimate

Vexing words and actions
All happen within
This perplexing weather

The ground freezes
The air lightens
The light stops

It was November
When I last saw you
And now

And now
You’re all I can
Think about

As December begins
Dirty polyp bulbs
Float and drift

Thick and syrupy
The liquid lifts
And splits in rifts

Crackling and dripping
The remembering condensation

They freeze over
And stop still
Bent to leaves fall

Autumnal leavings
Starting the cold
Wave of syrupy air

December begins
And I think of
The time that is

Up to chance
The luck
In this massive oil pot

Spilling over onto me
Coating me
In the thickest of dreams

Strawberry notes cascaded
Confectioner’s sugar descended
Into the oil steam and chilled air

It fractals into visible light
Shaped like a key
The droplets only I can see

Pool into puddles
And spread into
Miniature rivers

As it melts its surroundings
The icy steam lifts
With the powder

My world becomes frozen over
With the blackest oil
Which coats me so wonderfully

It’s all I want to see
To continue living in this dream
With oil fog which surrounds me

The comforting cold
And solidifying warmth
Solstices this grey plane

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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