I calculate, analyze, and extrapolate
I weigh the odds, perceive the risk
Make motions when I see fit
Carefully measured in every decision

You ushered me to accept my brand
That which I had neglected for years
I never had thought of it as pretty
But it’s a tag that can save my life

You left a butterfly wing on my cheek
Below an eye that looked on meekly
At the art on all your white walls
Which hid further the things I’ve said

With fortune in hand, this brand
I commanded destiny to shape
Willed the reality with my grasp
Grappled situations into submission

And you watched this unfold
Knowing you dispersed my hold
Letting me grasp
The things that would’ve expired

An impermeable brand
Pressed onto my face
A willful set of hands
Set to be traced

So set me upon the crowded beach
Of glass grain arrays of the domain
So set me there on that coastline
Let me search for glass to bind

Into windows and paintings
The frames hiding my words
Manic and infatuated pheromones
Release as vapor from the sands

Let my chest whisper as I search
Let me sigh
Allow my cheek to be reddened
Compel chrysalis to take flight

I fashion these into war prizes
To mount on the blanched walls
Not to hide the things I’ve said
But to expunge truth, and expose it

Art to art
Ashes to assets
Dust to dust
Truth to reality

I construct with it
And conflict with it
But above all else
I share and revel in it

Giving it as gifts
Reaping what it emits
Smashing glass panes
Admiring their remains

But I’m reminded again of the brand
To my face I put a hand to feel
The beat of its wings, recalling
My memory to make these things

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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