I’ve been trying to think of a word
For a few hours now.
Something specific,
That could hit a kind of specificity.

It’s you.
You should be indescribable.
I’m going to try to.

You are a phantom of phantasm.
A specter of something I can’t ever
Be asked to dare to imagine
Or dream.

Because I can’t dream anything
Like you.

You’re an energy, a purity.
A harrowingly powerful
That has me.

I can’t figure out what you are.
And it’s amazing.

I want to understand you,
But I never will.
I just want to know and cherish you,
And I hope that you’ll let me.

Let me exist and breathe
In the world that you made.
I only want to be here and spectate,
And be something you can toy with.

You made this world of
Ultimate imagination.
Just let me see all of everything
That you have made to be.

I can’t think to ask any more of you.
You already have me in your hand,
Just take your brush and paint me
Into your ever-so wondrous land.

You perplex me simply that much.
To the threshold of my yearning
To give you my keys
And trust you with me for a night.

You entrance me, and have me
In the palm of your hand.
I would trust you to make the choice
To crush me or keep me there.

So I pass to you
A thing most important.
I trust you.
Keep it safe.

It’s this writing of mine you have.
Every time I do this,
I carve out a small piece of
What makes me me.

And here’s a piece of me
For you.

Do with it as you please,
But know I cherish even
The smallest fact
That I know and can give it to


These are the words I found for you.

It’s quite the ask, I know.

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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