I remember that day
When waves weren’t sated

A shelter had always been kind
As rooms outside my shrine

No one could ever chance upon
Someone over which to fawn

But I did
And I burned

I called the lightning eyes
And the red clouds saw my flare

Shot into the darkened air
To call the singing sky

With antennae spires
My obelisk conspirers

Seeking to contact clouds
If the tempest accepts me

And it did
So it burned me

Bolt chains and arc strings
Controlling every feeling

Melting will and searing flesh
Denoting my lost shell mesh

It didn’t hurt
But it burned

Static thoughts
Charged actions

Electric feedback in all I touch
Clouded grey and forced reactions

Marionetted by the red clouds
Taken control of by blue bolts

The blue veins were, too
Turned red as artery hue

In the eye of the tornado
Hailing storm’s capacity

Standing in the hurricane
Leeching from the sky’s domain

I am the battery
I am the pistol

Amperage matching
The one who’s in control

For when it made landfall
I was the one
Who was taken a hold of

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