You were the first to learn
That all which is bone
Will return to words

After life leaves the husk empty
It is the word’s legacy left to
Give the shell its meaning

We burned the one
Before you
And the one before that, too

So as you lay dying
How do you know
This isn’t different?

Your friend has broken legs
Your own body
Is trying to stop you

Stumbling gaunt
Paralyzed spine, can’t connect
To your still-sane mind

You will die
Even your friend
Has come to terms

Take all of our well wishes
You can sleep anywhere
You chose

Fall asleep that last time
As I shut off the lights
For your eyes

And walk away to my own chamber
Knowing that out there
Lies a husk of bones needing words

Your friend will wake and have
No clue
Why you cease to move

No broken bones or
Bleeding wounds
Just a vessel without a soul

And I’ll come out with my
Pen and paper
To see if this husk can yet be used

Naught but four things
In this world
Knew you existed before this

Now the sinking aerosols can
Grotesquely mask
The smell of death

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