Riptide Flares

Riptide Flares

I am there
Feeling the breeze on my face
With you
And our sore feet

I’m catching all the lens flares
Jumping to reach them
And landing on gravel
With my sore feet

I can bear this pain
It almost doesn’t hurt
I enjoy it so much
With you

The breeze is a breeze
With mist undertow in the currents
Riptiding my eyes
And the ground beneath my sore feet

We can see us on other paths
Behind and in front
Across the pond
And they are what we are


While I can’t reach the flares
Above myself, or the ones higher up
They stand tall and proud
Marking the path our sore feet walk

Forever encircling the riptide pond
With the escalating sounds
At last beginning to reveal
A stepping stone surface

The nodes and drones
High notes and snares
Echo from the riptiding
Fenced-off pond waters

We walk the stepping stones
Above the crystalline lake waters
Unlit lamps implying
A path yet ahead of us

We step above the pond
Still searching for flares
In order to warm one another
And light the lanterns

Conduits atop a spire to
Carry the sparks and sounds
To turn it all into something
For us to focus on

Only the flarelight pierced the veil
Between each step
Echoing the riptide song
That escalated into tangible stones

Light control, plateau of lanterns
Built from flares and sore feet
Echoing the riptide songs is
Clouding us just above the pond

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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