Blood seeping
Grass bleeding my blood
The blood of others
Bloods of your loved ones

Defiantly dripping from blades
Ashes cascading
By a nearby

As the loved ones settled
Unto the stepped puddles
Licking the blood: flakes of carbon
Cast aside, by a man to beware

In the struggle, I had been injured
Yet to negate his intention
I took my own

After the bodies burned away
And the air became saturated
With their remains
And bloodstains

I laid down to accept my fate
To lose my life, just the same
Tunnel vision narrowing
Eyes slowly closing

But then in that moment
I saw you had arrived
To see your kind killed
And myself nearly dead

Though I knew you heeded me
And understood these events
You stood close by, silently
As if offering recompense

Razed earth where your
Family once stood
Began glowing in places
Forming the incantations

You silently spoke as the wind blew
Ashes and dust cascaded
And runes shone through
The bloodied grass blades

My strength wavering,
I failed to understand
As I held onto your legs
Accepting the forthcoming

Maybe I should just fall asleep
Laying there beside the sidewalk
I see the yellow runes in my dream
Sleepless and still untied

In the end, I last saw the lights
Your shadow cast across my eyes
Summoning deafening blindness
With blood spilling from my gears

Maybe I should just fall asleep
Entranced and holding you
Slowly losing all I need
Sleepless and still untied

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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