Radio Reality

Radio Reality

Can theater exist in radio city?
Can we freely express
In person
Without pity

For the stations which send
Waves over mountains
That bend

Are slowly
Going out of

Double fisting
Double twisting cigars
Between his thumbs

I’ve got the real word here
And you know that it comes cheap

Totally free
Totally free

As long as you listen to me

Don’t believe those prancing tramps
Nor the tap-dancing traps
Who charge for
You to see

Because they’re looking at me
Looking at me

Like they’re scheming to take me down

He’a got a whiskey shot
Next to his stage rep
Playhouse headshot

And he’s drinking them down
Drinking them down
While he’s looking at the
Microphone before his sound

I have the real word here
No tricks or traps with me
I understand you’re looking for
Everything you want to hear

No, I won’t embellish facts
You can trust my slick word tracks
So hey, tune in, being a friend or two
And listen to my broadcast sound

You there in the cheap seats
I hope your night is going well
How does my radio show compare
To a shallow stage of petty despair?

I know you’re here for a show
So, ladies and gentlemen
Let me treat you to some
Real audio entertainment

Plug in and watch the VOX meter
Bounce as I quip and chime
About politics, relationships
And how to end a rhyme

You want your money’s worth
And you won’t find it anywhere else
Those tickets mean nothing live
The theater thrives off of dull mirth

Turn it up real loud, now
Get everyone around the box
The best part is coming
An end to theater’s performance

As the curtain falls
He leans back in his chair
With the cigar in his mouth
Whiskey spilled on his shirt

Declared triumphant
By those who listen
Speaking the perceived truths
By the masses without vision

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