Purple fireflies
Buzz over the corpses
Larvae nesting in the flesh
Brooding the eerie purple light

The corpses were freshly slain
With blunt weapons were maimed
Two days ago, on this path
To the town of Eaoregrath

A neighboring city was in hysteria
Sorcerers had manifested as nuns
Hiding beneath the coterie and robes
Were alleged trolls, ideas too gross

Under the white skin and blonde hair
Were evil ones with malice in mind
The people had no choice but to
Pursue and destroy the witches

The wicked ones tried to flee
But the hunt was on
And men were thrilled
Eying the witches, to be killed

As a pelt of skin, or buck’s head trim
They expressed a triumph
Collecting trophies and killing them
They’ll show the unbelievers

Through the forest, chasing prey
The men had clubs in hand
The witches ran from that place
With only clothes on their backs

The killing spree
Only ceased to be
When the witches were captured
And slain

The men prayed for thee
Before lighting a fire
The witches to hell

Three had seen what had happened
Watching from the tree line
They made a break for the main
Path to the next township

The men showed no mercy
With hammers in hand, eyes wild
Slaying the witches in the street
Without so much as a trial

The killer’s deeds
Were seen in the street
By women, and children
O pain!

The witches name’s were scarred
Preachers prayed for light
But the women and children
Weren’t scared

Eaoregrath residents cast a curse
To punish the unbelievers
As only women inhabited the town
And they too were dark dreamers

So the purple larvae bloom
From the corpse’s hives
Manifested the people’s fear
That the men had caused their doom

Published by Jake Thomas Shaw

Concerned with memory, currency, and destiny, I strive to capture each one as they happen. Join me and consume reality! Radio Reality. City!

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