Watchman’s Leaving

Watchman’s Leaving

For you

The girl who dislikes poems
You know who you are
Who would prefer a hand-holding
Experience with a plot
Which defeats the purpose
Of art by telling you, bold-faced
What it’s all about

Here’s one for you

You love to point out
How much we have
Uncommon in each other

After purity spilled onto the streets
You couldn’t see
Said you were changed
And I led you as best I could

When I changed you, you resisted
Only when we ended and you saw
Sitting side by side in the moonlight

Following the neon sights
Still following blind
We saw and made
And did things not to forget

Who could?

When I held up the portrait of us
Which represented your trust
And I shredded it in a rage
I felt nothing

I wanted to lead you
Lead you someplace better
Somewhere with better leaders

You fell to the floor
As my hand left yours
You called my name and cried
As I backed away and ran far off

I watched from afar
You stood, gathered yourself
And stumbled down the sidewalk
Hands held out to see

That’s when you found him
You felt his hand
And you were happy again

Then I looked at the walls beside me
And sprayed our image in paint
On the bricks so reverently

Then I sat atop the wall
Watching you walk with him
As he guided you wherever you needed or wanted

At one point
Your sightless eyes
Found mine somehow

Your eyes took color for me
For a moment

And then you turned away
Perhaps not realizing
You saw me across the street

But I saw you

And with him,
You were happy

So I relented at myself
I held back for so long
But seeing you led by someone else
Stirred something in me

From far away, I could only paint
On surfaces, so you couldn’t see them
All over the streets and shops
I wanted someone to know what I thought

What I thought of you
And who you are to me
I wish I had known
Before I chose to flee

But butterflies flap
And this is the effect

You are happy

One day, he led you to a wall
And on it you couldn’t feel

All I had done

For you

The girl who dislikes poems…

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