Sun Stained

Sun Stained

She had a quintessence audience
Gliding silk smooth wave motions
Slow lapping, gentle rhythms
Hurting rain and hot earth steam

Waxing moons rising
Trail lines blurring
And the air is flowing
So smooth

The birds circled and flew
Overhead undercast
A goddess dove and prince crow
Circled and danced and revolved

It was cold in the stratosphere
But not for long
Sky intwined destiny
Is coming along

Sun stained soul wraiths
Floating by the riverbank
Had a nice time
Of the days

In that daze
Of the royal-bound stowaways
Who found the water
So clear

The wayward ghouls
Displayed lights and sounds
Near the water’s edge
So lovely and clean

With the spirit’s
Last parting festival
They wished the river
Still gleamed

And above the smoke
Of the spirit’s last carnival
Flew the birds who
Sang so sweet

Above that last
Bright, loud celebration
Flew a crow and a dove
In sync

The ghosts had to look
Up at the avians
Twirled in tune
To the songs

As the music of the carnival
Wore on through the night
The spirits’ gaze
Fixed on the birds

And the goddess among them
Who graced the happy wraiths
Sat on clouds above
Shining and bright

And the spirits with their souls
Looked above as it rained
On the sounds of an
Indolent day

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