Doubleshot Promenade

Doubleshot Promenade

Saturn was out

Energy was surging

To my eyes, the stars were drifting
In the truck, the music was banging

My casual-formal attire
Of the night, would never tire

Faces I didn’t know before
Awoke and became more

The people were talking
Dresses were shimmering
They were lancing, dancing
Alive, and proud to be prancing

Everything was… trailing.

Meadows were empty, and lit

The lights were mocking me

Double plasmid shots
Kept me breathing

Everyone else was masquerading
I was the only one not fake parading

Do not wake up
The others wear make up
They are not that scary
Under their plastic finery

Where did this wicked sensation come from?
This tingle up my spine like the onset of a night terror.
Was it my pipe dreams and lavish nightmares coming to life?
Or was it something more, like a dueling emotion?

Six-shooters bang in my head
Mouth and lungs were leaking lead

The music spilled over and jolted
Stars above sank down with voltage

Lead melted
Bloodstream… trailed

I tried to think
Nerves failed

Everyone was committing atrocities
Integrity was dying
Others are crying
All have stopped dancing

Have we all descended to the rank and file of brutish animals?
Was there no communication in this Luna-lit promenade?

This lavish terror was kept at bay
By an altered state of lead foray

I’m glad I planned to not enjoy everyone else’s reality.
I made my own in two shots, perfected truth is glory.

Sleep, damn you
Am I asleep already?
Was this the borderless world?

I can’t tell anymore

If I wanted to, I would explore

But these limits are here for reasons

So we mingle, drink, and walk laps
Limited, in this place we are trapped
Everyone else is dressed in masks
Tonight’s dances will be our last

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