Beast Town

Beast Town

Waking up bloodstained
Strange garb adorned
After a lengthly dream
Becomes a real nightmare

Droplets of viscera
Run down my clothes
Patches clot
And pool beneath me

Beasts roam outside
I can hear the roars
People are yelling
Fires are burning

I can’t tell
If this blood is mine
Or from
Some thing else

I don’t remember
How I came to
Be laying down
On this bed

Where is this place
I’ve awakened in?

I can’t remember

I can feel
My head is clear
My hands are able
My feet are grounded


Foggy movements
My head is clear
I need to find where this is

But what’s that?
Oh god what is that?
Droning wheezing
Getting louder
Heavy footsteps
Getting louder

A tall man
Head almost to the ceiling
Covered in hair
And some scrap of clothes
Pushed-in snout
Large protruding fangs
Dog feet
Meaty paws

He carried a torch
Illuminating his terrifying face
In the other hand
A massive blade

A massive blade

As I’m gathering myself
He appears in a doorway
On the other side
Of this room

It’s a beast

It’s terrifying

It sees me
It’s walking towards me

What do I do?
What can I do?

I need to defend myself
But I don’t have anything
To defend myself with

Wait, no

Yes I do

My hands are able

Defend, I will
Until it folds
Or until I’m dead

A flourish of red
And then

I can no longer tell
What blood really
Covers my clothes

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