Silver Ants

Silver Ants

There sat a reservoir
In the mountain desert
Where an oasis of artificiality
Sprang an ecosystem unlike another

Mythical silvered ants
Colonized the creek beds first
Followed by families
Looking for a new society

So this oasis
With the silvered ants
Sprang clusters of tents
In addition to trails of the county

Dirt patches on the people’s feet
Ants crawling all over
The small grain soil and
Infiltrating food caches

Mythical ant trail marches
Were followed by Benny’s footsteps
Mr. Johnson was an outsider
With malice on his bronzed mind

Casually dressed, wingtips on
He stalked remote trails
From slopes beyond
And lurked and watched

The ant trails flowing
With the silvered dirt grains
Made of carcasses and carapaces
From dead insect ancestors

Families in their tents
Were ignorant of this
Living lovely picturesque lives
In the countryside and new frontier

Benny Johnson was there
A foreigner in this land
For reasons unknown
Enacting deeds most foul

In the sky above
Those silver ant trails
Was the man in his dress
In the silvered creek beds

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