I have forged a path
That’s bold and brash
And no one’s gonna say
That it’s all worth trash

They had time to tell me
Impale me, dispell me
With all their misgivings
And that’s all on their grief

I revel in my past
My old hallucinations last
I wear artifacts and relics
Bought from another fellow

My greatest fear, not being believed
Fast disappearing as people leave
Is tossing me out from beneath feet
Mocking you from evolution’s seat

I wear old rings, satisfied with sheen
The metaphysical shine is all mine
Not yours, I’m afraid I can’t be proud
Of a history, for once, not mine

So when they say
I’m wrapped up in myself
At the end of the day
I couldn’t be prouder

Do the things today you weren’t
Say the things tomorrow you want
We all have to share this earth
Don’t let the limiting truths get to you

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