The demolition team
Looked at lost gleam
Through plastic visors
They gawk and admire

A single brick tower
From apartment’s power
Shot to skylines
Implying the lost time

Glass windows at top
Looked over the crop
Of grey smokestacks
And plain backdrops

An elevator in shaft
Custom built-to-craft
Sat long un-levered on
Long cables quite weathered

Dusty glass panels
Rough floor tiles
Cracked brick casing
Iron pipes chasing

Timber splintered
Mortar winter
Masonry handiwork
Aesthetic surface quirks

At the tower summit
Wind says to plummet
Creaking steel asunder
Tries to pull you under

Safety rails broken away
Only rivets and stumps stay
An archaic observing space
The perfect thinking place

Over the grey and plain
From red bricks, glass panes
An old uplift, brass elevator
Destroyed home, precursor

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