He has a mind of his own
I let him go long ago

My spirit out roaming Earth

I’m feeling, it seems
For the first time

The shackles are gone
My affection is a phase
I knew this to be
Perfection: chased

It’s forgetting me
My spirit
It’s letting go

I can feel it shrinking away
All the memories

They’re leaving for someplace better


Thank you
For letting me experience you
You are generous

For showing me a world
I fell in love with
And wouldn’t have with anyone else

I fell in love with you
I am in love with you
Yet this is my departure

I leave you with my spirit
That you will always keep
At least I hope you’ll remember me

I’ll remember you
Because you’re perfect
And because I love you

My darling
I’m sorry
But we must be quiet now

We must have dignity
We must have peace
For the end

It’s okay
To float off and away
I’ll just lay here and watch

The plumes of memory
Into nothing

I’ll miss you
I already do
I did months ago

Every day I’ll try to remember
Try to remember you
Because I love you

I don’t want to forget
I have to let go
But I never want to

I’ll watch the plumes float away
Then one day
I’ll try and chase them again

I’ll be trying to remember you
I’ll be crying to remember you
And I won’t ever be able to

My spirit
My darling
My never-forgotten love

I will forever chase you

Those balloons of wonder will pop
Stars in my sky will disappear
And you’ll be gone

Someday I’ll have a nightmare
And wake to loneliness
Without you

Someday, I’ll jump out of bed
Run outside
And scream at the sky

Someday I’ll take a walk
And try to talk
With the clouds

I will forget you
But my hope
Will never forget

I will hope those memories are up there
I will whisper to the clouds and see
If they still tell me nothing

I’m sorry, my love. I’m scared.
I can’t help what is happening
I’m going to someday forget

I’m going to forget about you

Keep my spirit safe

Oh, god how did it come to this?

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