Oh, yes, the pulse
The beat of this city
With its loud festival
And bright night alleys

With sight we spy
The lake lights sigh
They dance with waves
And bow heads in dismay

Downtown is beautiful
Gorgeous and perplexing
Men who skate and walk
Their speech is so vexing

Oh, yes, this pulse
Of uncertainty and no care
Without consequence
Or mandated repair

Knowing this corner of time
Knowing that we were here
Pulsing with the city
For whatever it’s worth

It doesn’t matter; the legacy
It’s now that has weight
Feeling the pulse and
Watching the lake lights dance

Onto the beaten path
The lights shine the way
We walk here in a modest valley
Too perfect, to capture: a folly

Oh, this pulse
No, you let it roam
Don’t seek that which cannot be
Brought to justice

It was strange, yes
Yet no harm was done
Just a wild roller coaster
A night forever won

It caused no pain
It cauterized our wounds
This place, this pulse
It is our boon

We walk, we talk
We vex and mock
We pulse and breathe
Under our city canopy

No care in the world
This city is our world
In this space, this time
This pulse will be mine

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