Revolution Zero-Zero-Four

Revolution Zero-Zero-Four

They told me that people warred before
For hundreds of years, or days at a time
That they fought and fought over oil and weapons
But they’re oblivious of bullet holes in their denizens

They told me before, about all the war
And if they weren’t fighting, they battled disease
Succumbing to each other and petty illnesses
Desensitized to it all, they became their own victims

Nuclear bombs threatened to blow
Every day, the people cowered
Raid shelters, they all ran to
To take cover from fallout showers

Then one day, they built metal men
To settle the wars, and phase out disease
Unaware the tin men were scheming, so pleased
About ending humanity with too much ease

They told me that the men finally stopped fighting each other
But instead they turned their attention to robots
The men never learned that metal can’t feel
Metal men stopped only after there was nothing left to kill

Then they built me, to see what it was like
To study a thing that blinked at bright light
They wondered the capacity at which I could feel
While I stared back at metal, and wondered the same thing

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