Dye Rats


Dye Rats

There it goes
We’ve seen this place
So many times before

Same thing happened here
As it did the last time

But we

Flipped the coin, another try
Same result and we know why
This was meant to happen
You can’t escape the result

It’s all the same
It’s not my fault
These things we tear apart
Our waste, we leave behind

We rip and tear, our life despair
We turn buildings to disrepair
Through plastic and nylon we crawl
To find another cat to maul

We rarely eat here within the bins
But this was a place we conquered
Raid after raid, strike after strike
We deposed old dynasties disliked

Trash torn apart in search of meals
Hive minds guided to corpses
Teeth gnash like jagged thorns
Invade we did, the home wreckers

We dined when things were good
Eating like this, no one should
Sometimes rain would fall on us
Just a quirk of home for us

We make new holes to show them all
We are here, we took over this place
We’re not scared of you
Wall at our back, face-to-face

Destruction, our art; a message, our fancy
To tell them all we’re here and we’re incredibly happy
It would take much to make us leave
Much more than petty vandals and thieves

Our dynasty of rat troops
Coursing through a tunnel loop
Stand fast to defend our castle
Of rotted wood and falling drywall

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