Misses Rose

Misses Rose

Do you know where your river flows?
Little flower, you are all too innocent

It is okay to sit there and watch
As the water does its due and goes

It’s not up to the fields of rain
To you it may be just a game

But, Misses Rose

Do you know when your water ends?

Oh, Misses Rose

You don’t know what your roots drink now
I could show you, but I just don’t know how

I hope I do, my names are lost
For you, water was worth the cost

Misses Rose

I hope you’re blooming well

Oh, Misses Rose

It doesn’t matter where water spouts
All that matters,

All that matters
Is that your petals are quenched

Oh, Misses Rose

Your river’s flow will never end

Live on forever
Take back nature

Grow through the cracks
Of every day’s concrete

Misses Rose

This wonderful life,
You grew and chose
A truth you knew
The field you lay in posed

Red Misses Rose

In most cold seasons
Your stem will not wither

In windy days
Your stem will be unhindered

Oh, Misses Rose

Your river will never end

Everyone knows

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