Cell Block L

Cell Block L

It’s the thousandth time I’ve carved on my cell wall
It hasn’t gotten the slightest bit more fun to do
The other inmates mock me while I rock myself to sleep
Every day for a thousand days I’ve thought of you

For how long it’s been I know you’ve moved on
And I can’t help but miss who you are
But you probably haven’t thought of me at all
I just want you to see what I think we had

Every night I lay down and try to rest
Every night my mind about you detests
It was a simple mistake I could have avoided
Now look where I am, more than disappointed

When I wake up in my cell and peer through the bars
All is silent on Cell Block L
I pick up my dying piece of chalk
Lift it to the wall and scratch another day away

For every day that passes in Cell Block L
I think about the times we had
And every day since my mistake
I’ve had only all the time to think

All the people, places, and promises
The things we were going to do and now never will
All the things we said to each other
Are things I’ll never say to another

Unfortunately for my story it is too late
You’ve already went off and pursued your fate
I peer out of my wrought-iron window every night
And I think of what you’re doing under your own light

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