You Are Solar

You Are Solar

You are solar

That rises and sets

What is this?


Fire wind whips my small self.

The air is scorching so suddenly.
My wick is burning up.

What is happening?

A magnificent sun evaporates me.
I can’t look into your eyes.

You intimidate me.

The filamentary auroras shape you.
Fission dominates your skin.
A landscape of arc and solar energy.

I know you’ve seared far less
Than this tiny candle.

You frighten me.

What am I to say to the sun?

With its black, curving waves.
My wax that melts
is nothing in contrast.

I cannot help myself.
Staring at the sun.
My wick is nearly gone.

I am being pulled apart.
Black waves swallow me.
But it’s okay.

For the sun is fantastic and bright.
And no one will stare as long as I.

Let me be taken away.
Become part of greatness.

My wax is worth nothing.
My wick is blackened.

You are beautiful and breathtaking.
Gorgeous and grand.
You give life and decide its course.

Civilizations worship you.

It would truly be an honor
To be obliterated by you.

Many people have thought so.
Yet no one understood
How little they were in comparison.

I understand.
I know I am a candle
Speaking to a sun.

So what do I say?

Your light that blinds is
All I wish to see.

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