Big Sky Whales

Big Sky Whales

What do you think when
I ask you to think
Of what the three words mean to you
Big sky whales

Big, large, grand, extravagant
Atmosphere, stratosphere, clouds
Baleens and blues
Big sky whales

Will you be confused?
Might you be astonished?
Is it also that you could be
One of the few who can see?

Do you see it flying?
Swimming in air, comfortable
The sheen of its blubber
The flippers of another

Do you feel it raining?
Water splashing from its breaches
It cascades down in vapor
Meanings of it off, taper

It’s okay to not understand
You should be taking it all in
What does this new vista say?
Are there questions you have for it?

Are you speaking to it?
Do you pray to its might?
Seek you absolution or epiphany?
Or the composure of a symphony?

The whales can’t help you
They are there, and only there
Flying free in a bed of animus
Not caring for the grounded’s plight

No, you shan’t seek anything
You should be staring, staring in awe
At flying overhead, wings imbedded
Staring at the big sky whales

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