A Lot of Irreverent Recoil

A Lot of Irreverent Recoil (H.B.R.)

What goes around comes around
Or so they always say
Magnificent reboundance killing all
For all those who are doomed to fall

For the endeavors and ambitions
Things moved into position
It hasn’t quite worked at all
It seems we’ve hit the wall

For the desires and love we had
We try to aggressively force its hand
So let’s get out the toolbox
This wall won’t make a fool of us

Take out the sledgehammers
Lay into the edge of it
Take it apart, piece by piece
Break through to the great release

Bypass the tall, wretched fence
Graffiti the side and make fun of it
Let the others know how we think
Ricochet the message to the brink

Set up camp for hundreds to deploy
Make time and take shift to destroy
Bonfires all along the dietic wall
We have this rusty wilderness sprawl

No longer will we be kept slaves to
Nothingness and its allied domains
Industry is beginning to boom and
Eventually the cycle will begin anew

Smash into the blasphemous wall
No longer will we be its thralls
Ignore the substance and its calls
Fires blaze as the wall gets mauled

The wall, it cracks
For tonight, the fires extinguished
We are on the attack
Unlike the fires, we can not languish

So wake up, and get up at dawn
Crawl from your tents and observe
As your friends go up to take a turn
At the wall’s flanks as new fires burn

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