Mother of Invention

mother of invention

Mother of Invention

I was sailing far away
On a ship I piloted
In space, the cosmos knelt
Towards the vessel I commanded

A planet panned into view
And here I thought that it was new
I anchored to find and see
That this was a place that I had been

Decades ago I was here
On my maiden voyage
Back then everything had seemed
So grand and mystical

Now here I stand on Planet X
I was so proud to discover it
The press had had its run
And then decided elsewhere was fun

The black ice crunches below me
As I bounce around joyfully
I was allowed to remember
What had set it all into motion

This desolate place
No one else was as proud of
This forgotten place
Wasn’t a thing before to me

It didn’t stop me from venturing
Through caves from years ago
The places I had been and
All the wonderful things to see

And here I was an astronaut
Much more than I was before
When a boy had set his sights
And emerged a new man

I’ve found some, since then
Other places that were great, too
But alright, that’s okay
I think it was better the simpler way

When people didn’t know me
Fame and fortune wasn’t an object
The stars and planets guided me
All the wonderful things I’d see

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