Arid Desert of Cast Away Ulteriors

Arid Desert of Cast Away Ulteriors

Space stops yet time does not
Sands of architects erupt forth
Hourglasses across deserts shatter
Sand in hand like it doesn’t scatter

Which grain was incased in itself
What brothers imprisoned brothers
The sand that shifted into dunes
Walls of time that run you through

Wind reaches far over the peaks
Bearing down whom it clearly sees
Dam summits cannot contain it
Damned obelisks stand to change it

The alchemist treks through here
A yellow, barren place of altercation
Valleys recede into horizons that flee
And no one once sought to control it

The alchemist stood atop a summit
This place he contended with to halt
With its torrent of sanguine certainty
And unfathomed futures never seen

Years later, another alchemist walked
After the last man was lost, until
The alchemist ventured to find a rock
Whereupon was the last one’s will

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